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February 11, 2009


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I am sorry that happened. It's a shame. If any good comes of it, hopefully some of the others realize how ridiculous some of their fellows are.

Kelly Moore

Scott, that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard. Wow. I read your prayer earlier today and found it truly hopeful and moving.

Oklahoma is blessed to have Scott Jones.


Maybe they objected to that "cast down the powerful" line?

Rob Abiera

"at which some of them fled"


Disgusted American

...well no#1 - I have NOTHING to do with any religion anymore

no#2 - this just goes to show what Neanderthals these weirdos are...see, their GOD is a BIGOT.

no#3...and this makes me NEVER Feel sorry for Oklahomo,when I hear about Tornados Ravaging them! As an American citizen, I'd NEVER go to that state EVER!


I love this state, its history, its people, and its promise. So, I take issue with your response.


I don't think there should be any appeals to mythical beings in the halls of our secular government. All prayers should be voted against.

But I'll at least give you credit for shaking up the ignorant gay-haters.

John Kalhoefer

For the convenience of anyone who'd like to express views on this:
gusblackwell@okhouse.gov, mike.christian@okhouse.gov, anncoody@okhouse.gov, rexduncan@okhouse.gov, john.enns@okhouse.gov, george.faught@okhouse.gov, dennis.johnson@okhouse.gov, sallykern@okhouse.gov, charles.key@okhouse.gov, guyliebmann@okhouse.gov, lewis.moore@okhouse.gov, jason.murphey@okhouse.gov, leslie.osborn@okhouse.gov, pat.ownbey@okhouse.gov, mikereynolds@okhouse.gov, mike.ritze@okhouse.gov, mike.sanders@okhouse.gov, randyterrill@okhouse.gov, todd.thomsen@okhouse.gov, johnwright@okhouse.gov

Nelson G.


(downloadable, embeddable)

can't find video or audio of the vote, i wonder why...

joe quigley

Scott was one of the STP (same ten people) who went regularly to the OKC School Board to advocate for Gay Kids. What he did was so him.



Looks like time for us to go to the board again, what with all the new people. Maybe we can make something happen?


Kern's Krew is a Collection of Peeping Toms


There is not a better argument against prayer as a function of government then the very intolerance you witnessed.

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