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February 11, 2009


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Wonderful prayer. Do you remember when Jimmy Swaggart said God didn't hear the prayers of Jews? That was more than 20 years ago. Rabbi A. David Packman (Formerly of the Temple B'Nai Israel, OKC) responded: "I could not say whose prayers God does or does not hear."


I cannot believe how people voted against this, wow.


Rob Howard

It was a great prayer. The legislature stood with bowed heads. Unfortunately, I left before the fireworks began. Great Job Scott! It's already gone national, hopefully we will see our resident bigots look bad on TV again (not that they care). If you read the list of who voted against entering the prayer in the record, it is the same old fringe right wing suspects that are against anything progressive. They hate gay people and will do anything to even deny we exist. Even take away our right to pray.

Rev. Annie Britton

Thanks for sharing this wonderful prayer. Those who voted against did so in the sight of God and humanity. Be ye not dismayed. Goodness is stronger than all the evil that hate can summon. Thanks for your faith and your courage.


Rev. Jones, this is a beautiful prayer which speaks so many truths about our call as Christians in the world. I'm saddened to hear about your experience and hope that the following publicity and relationships built will continue to allow you opportunities to speak the gospel. Blessings on your journey ahead.


Which bible did your god write?

Kimberly LaFave



Good question, Jim. Just because someone quotes the Bible doesn't mean he isn't a false teacher. It is tragic that apostate denominations like the UCC ordain people like this. They are free to worship as they like but to call themselves Christians mocks the cross and the blood of the martyrs. They have made up their own god, and so many people in church are too clueless or wimpy to do anything about it. They are the real "homophobes" -- that is, the ones so afraid of the gay lobby that they put up with things like this.


I believe a prayer like this should be in BoP. It encourages me.

Grace & Peace,

Corey Redington

I feel blessed by reading this... I wish I could have heard it spoken.

The problem with this prayer is that it challenged it's audience and they obviously don't want anyone to challenge their power. Jesus always challenged his audience. Strong work!


Scott...Thank you for the evangelical courage to bring the word of our stillspeaking god to the Oklahoma legislature!

Too bad some of them aren't so comfortable with extending an extravagant welcome to you.



It wasn't Jimmy Swaggart who said that it was Bailey Smith. I believe he was a Southern Baptist preacher in Oklahoma. If I recall the statement was made at the Southern Baptist convention when he was president of that convention.

Kendall Clark Baker

Fine prayer. God works in mysterious ways, including the antics of a state legislature. I, and many others, never would have had the opportunity to see this prayer, and to pray this prayer, had it not been for the attempt of a few to silence it. As the old advertising adage says, "There's no such thing as bad publicity." Thanks for taking such strong leadership.


OK - I read this prayer expecting something inflamatory. But instead, I heard the Word of God.

This is what upset lawmakers? Wow.


As an atheist and a citizen of the United States, there should be no prayer as a function of local, state, or federal government.

That statement aside, I know you wish to bring attention to the Gay & Lesbian community and I commend you for that. It should be noted with some irony that the individuals who voted 'against' your prayer would likely vote 'for' a prayer of someone they felt was on 'their' side. That is to say, they would vote yae for anyone they agree with and nae against anyone they disagree with, regardless of equality of positions.

Free Prayer

What an wonderful and inspirational post. Thank you for posting this..... it made my day!

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the fact that the gay pastor is even ordained is a farce on christianity. the bible is clear on it's stance against homosexual behavior period. just because man votes that homosexuality is OK,doesn't change YHWH's position on the issue. the wonderful thing about the truth is that it doesn't change just because you don't believe it. Man is the only animal in the kingdom that can choose who they have sex with with. all other species will destroy animals that exibit homosexual behaviors because they instinctively know the species will end. What's the difference between homosexuality and prison sex?

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