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December 02, 2009


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Here's the actual proposal to vote on next Tuesday. I'm a bit angry about the line that states the city can float bonds to pay for any extensions or interest payments that arise.

And there's no mention of police/fire like I was told last night by the Mayor's office.


Sorry, that link failed. Google 'Oklahoma City Ordinance 23942' and the text of the law will come up in a PDF format.


Another great story about why we should vote no...


Scott Jones

In clergy groups and today with the union boys, the priority that I keep hearing voiced and the one that was actually the top of the public survey is improvements to and expansion of the bus system. When we talk about public transit, we aren't just talking about regional rail systems. Those usually feed already well-developed bus systems.

If you want to improve economic development, then maximize the economic freedom and opportunity of the poor to get to and from jobs, health care, social services, etc.

I have heard stories of it taking 5 hours by bus to get from some of our poorer neighborhoods to the areas of our city where there are vast numbers of service jobs (in the restaurant, retail, and mall districts).

Plus, buses don't run at night, when retail, restaurant, and entertainment businesses close.

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