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Rich on Mullen, the GOP, and gay rights


From 2004-2006 I had the gray and brown design.  Then I wanted more colour, so I had the gold and yellow design until just today.  Way too long.  I had planned to change it for some time.  I wanted to go to something simpler, cleaner.  What do you think of the new design?  Is there something you really don't like or that isn't working for you?


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It's so hard to judge web aesthetics with monitor sizes and settings varying so greatly. I recently got a larger widescreen monitor. I wish I'd kept my 300 bucks, I've had trouble reading websites on the new screen, because the resolution is higher, thus the content of a web page is in a sense smaller. On your site, the dark background took up almost 50% of the width, and was just overwhelming. However, when I increased the font size (CTRL plus + on a PC) it improved considerably because there was less background visible. I wonder if a brown texture/pattern might tone down the intensity some?

Scott Jones

Tyepad doesn't offer me a texture or pattern option. On mine the brown is about 200 pixels on either side. Different monitors and settings do vary it.

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