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5th Day of Christmas

Uncle Scotty to Jacob: "I have to leave in a bit in order to go to a funeral.  Do you know what that is?"  Shook head.  "A funeral happens when someone dies.  The mom of one of my friends died, and it is her funeral."

Jacob:  "Did she go to heaven."  Me: "Yes."
Jacob:  "Do all good people go to heaven when they die and all bad people go to the bad place?"
Me:  "Some people believe that.  When you get to be old enough, you can study that and decide for yourself."  (I didn't give my own views, as I didn't want to confuse any spiritual formation from his parents, though if he had asked me what I believed, I would have given him the direct, honest answer.)

Christmas 2011 107

So, the fifth day of Christmas, I left the family for a few hours to attend the funeral of Kay Mocabee, the mother of my friend Sharon.  Kay died the second day of Christmas, and I was glad to be near home so that I was able to attend.

That morning we had gone fishing.  Actually, Jacob was the only one who fished, and he didn't catch anything.  But he had fun, and we had fun watching and tagging along.

Christmas 2011 121

That evening Jason and Amie (who had also attended the funeral) drove down to Mom's, and we hung out till midnight with lots of laughing and sharing of stories.

Christmas 2011 116


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