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Michael and Scott's 2012 Christmas Card

The tradition continues.  Here is the text.  The actual card has the pictures as well.

Last year we read an article that said you should give each year a name.  What would be this year’s name?  Here are some possibilities:

         “An Equal Omaha Year” — That was the name of our coalition and campaign which successfully passed an employment non-discrimination ordinance through the City Council.  When the Mayor signed the law into effect, we received one of the pens.

Or there is “The Year of Zoe” — for our beautiful new niece, Zoe Cich, who arrived this summer.

“Twentieth Reunion Year (for Scott)” would maybe be too limited a descriptor, though we did, both, have a really good time hanging out in Miami and learning how many of Scott’s classmates are either retired or already grandparents.

Or “The Year of Michael’s New Job” — as he began working as Director of Marketing and Development at the Urban League of Nebraska after working at the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

“The Year Michael Finally Made It to D. C. and Scott Returned to Paris” is simply too long.

“The Year Scott Got Michael to Kayak” would  fit.  Planning our trip to Michigan, Scott sat down one day and said, “I want to do something we’ve never done before.”  Michael said, “I’m not kayaking.”  “How did you know what I was going to ask?”  “I just did.”  But he became convinced when a family in our church, who has young children, kayaked at the same place on Lake Superior.  And then he had a blast and wants to do it again.

That entire trip to Michigan and Wisconsin was restful, beautiful, adventurous, and fun (the other highlight was the day we biked around Mackinac Island), though we can agree to never again cross into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie, making “The Year of Bad Experiences in Canada” one possible name.

“The Year of First Steps” is another strong contender.  Which first steps, you ask?  For children.  We pursued a license as foster and adoptive parents through the state system, including taking classes which taught us everything about being parents (isn’t that what the certificate we received at the end means?). 

But, truly, if this year has to have a name, it would be “The Year of the Stoop.”  Beginning in May, we tore down most of the deck out back in order to reconstruct a much smaller stoop.  It was the project that never ended.  In fact, it is still not completed.   Our inability to finish the project is because we get so few days when we are both off with nothing to do and can work together on projects that take two sets of hands.  Our lives really do complicate remodeling a 102-year-old home.  All the major structural items are in place and the first coat of paint is on most of it, but spring will bring renewed work to bring it to completion.  Meaning 2013 could also be “The Second Year of the Stoop,” though that would be simply crazy.  Let’s hope for “The Year of Children” instead.

Peace & Love,  Michael & Scott




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