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Wendell Berry on Gay Marriage

Berry gives his most comprehensive statement yet on the topic, and it is powerfully done.

I particularly liked this line: 

“Heterosexual marriage does not need defending,” Berry said. “It only needs to be practiced, which is pretty hard to do just now.”

The reason it is hard to practice just now is "the values and priorities of our industrial capitalist system."  Here, here.


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I definitely agree that his whole message on marriage is challenging to everyone, and probably should be required when reading this. In combination with this article, I'm not sure I've heard any better arguments from either side.

We have been blessed with such a profound mind.

Sheely Pan

Simple indeed but are so striking. This is true then that we are not just used to it that's maybe the main reason why we can't take some of them.

Laurine Hyde

it's really true that heterosexual marriage is very challenging, and couples who commit with this should take the challenges positively.

Sciortino Rinaldi

I agree with this 100%. This is a challenge to all of us, to open our minds and accept reality.

This is an overwhelming message.

Goetsch Frasier

Without any doubt, I absolutely agree on Wendell Berry's statement on gay marriage. Don't hide from the reality, face it!

Orlando Wedding Venues

A positive development, but this gentleman still displays the widespread American tendency to insist on telling people how they should live their lives. There is something about the concept of freedom that they don't quite understand.

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