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Bag in the Wind

Bag in the WindBag in the Wind by Ted Kooser
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I was Chaplain of the Day at the Nebraska state legislature today. After I had given the invocation, conversed with a handful of Senators and their aides, enjoyed an Ernie Chambers speech, and (in total) spent about an hour in the chamber, I chose to head on home. On my way out, I stopped by the gift store in the Capitol. The store had the best selection of Nebraska-themed books I have yet encountered -- many stores hear have excellent Nebraska-related collections; the literary tradition here is valued.

I picked up a single volume copy of Neihardt's Cycle of the West, which I had not seen anywhere else before, and browsed a number of other interesting books, registering some which I'd like to read or own some day.

In the children's book section, I encountered this beautiful book cover and interesting title and was intrigued to see that Ted Kooser was the author. Kooser is a former poet laureate and a Nebraskan. I read one of his books last spring and very much enjoyed it. I have two books of his poetry that I plan to get to this year. I was curious what a children's book by him would be like.

I picked it up and skimmed it and could tell that it was indeed a lovely book -- lovely art and lovely story, so I purchased it and read it this evening.

This is a magnificent story about the travel of a grocery bag. For anyone interested in teaching their children about recycling, the environment, the homeless, gender equity, or thrift shops, you should get this book. The moral themes are not preached at, but lie within the elements of a well told story.

Also, indicative of Kooser, the natural landscape is a significant character in its own write. Here it is lovingly described and illustrated.

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