James Forbes lecture in Omaha on including LGBT persons
The Parochial View

We Won!!

A great victory in Omaha, as the opponents to the Equal Employment Ordinance were unable to collect enough signatures to put the overturn on the ballot in 2013!!!!

They are trying to spin this as not a defeat, which it is.  When they announced the petition drive last fall, our assumption was that they would easily and quickly acquire the 12,000 signatures needed.  They got plenty of press.  However, we quickly realized how disorganized they were.  They did not have petitions out at polling places on election day.  You did not see them around town or at major events.  They seem to have assumed that a few churches would have enough people to do it.  You can tell in the article that they were surprised that most people were not engaged or upset about the issue like they were.

Meantime we have organized and prepared a ballot campaign on the assumption that they would have signatures.  I am VERY happy with the victory, but part of me is a little sad that everyone doesn't get to see the great campaign we had organized over months of hard work.  We were ready to announce it once they turned in the petitions.

Now we will decide how to grasp the offensive and support statewide measures.  This is a great victory, a statement win, let's celebrate!


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Danny Hites


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