The New Digital Age: The Future of Terrorism
The New Digital Age: The Future of Reconstruction

The New Digital Age: The Future of Conflict

In the future, states will more easily be able to target minorities and deny them access to the digital age.  They label this "virtual genocide."

Wars will now have a marketing component, as each side attempts to persuade the international community.  The marketing will also likely begin before the war even starts.

Crowds may push for military involvement based upon videos and photos, this without having the detailed, classified information that leaders have.  Something like America's involvement in Somalia could result.

Data permanence will affect future conflicts, as perpetrator's records will not be wiped out and war criminals could be brought to justice or tried in the court of public opinion.  They believe, hopefully, "The collective power of the online world will serve as a tremendous deterrent to potential perpetrators of brutality, corrupt practices and even crimes against humanity."

Robots will forever alter how we fight wars.

They write that the current budget and contract procedures of the American military are preventing innovation and adequate adaptation to contemporary technology.  America's technical superiority could be lost if the political process is not reformed.

"With more combat options that do not inflame public opinion [drones, etc.], the government can pursue its security objectives without having to consider declaring war or committing troops, decreasing the possibility of outright war."


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