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"All humankind is the body of Christ"

Bulgakov writes that the Church is creation's "inner entelechy."  Interesting.

He rejects the traditional understanding's of apostolic succession as made up, but understands why the idea developed in the early church around the Eucharist.  

Why limit the sacraments to seven? he wonders.

The Roman idea of a vicar of Christ on earth is "an obviously unsuitable conception."

He pointed out that some of the sacraments, like baptism, don't occur simply in the moment but "take place over an entire lifetime."

He agrees with Pelagius on some points, for example "To recognize that human beings, even after the fall, are capable of moving freely toward grace, or of doing the natural good, represents a positive contribution to Christian anthropology."  But he thinks Pelagius and Augustine were both one-sided and that the Western Church took a wrong turn by drawing too close to Augustine.  I agree.

Bulgakov writes, "All humankind is the body of Christ" this because "Christ's Incarnation and the Pentecost are universal."  He continues, "The Church does not judge those on the outside but keeps silent about them, leaving them to God's mercy."  And "We must say that, ontologically, these boundaries do not exist at all.  To admit them would be to limit and diminish the power of the Incarnation and of the Redemption."


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