With or Without You

"I am your voice."

Watching the 1996 Democratic National Convention, I was annoyed at what seemed to me to be a patronizing theme that government was needed to hold your hand at every stage of life.  I was still a Republican then and appreciated that Republicans promoted the view that government was supposed to create opportunities for people but that people should be empowered not patronized.

Fast forward to 2016 when the message of Donald Trump is that Americans need him, and seemingly only him, because they can't fix their problems themselves.  "I am your voice," he said.  The whole idea was revolting.

Plus this revolting idea was couched in the context of a speech (the entirety of which was shouted) which centered on the cult of personality in a way reminiscent of a Big Man dictator in a B movie.  The entire thing would be ridiculously funny if it weren't so frightening.


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