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I've obviously not had much to blog about this week.  I've continued my reading of Bulgakov and have done some writing this week.  But otherwise I've been focused on domestic projects.  I've repaired plaster in our basement stairwell ahead of painting that space at some point in the future.  And this week the materials were delivered for our back patio--a project long in the planning and finally arriving at execution.  The stairwell will lead to the new patio.  The last couple of days I've been digging out the ground where the patio will go and hopefully Michael and I can get it mostly installed during this holiday weekend.  I very much look forward to the landscaping and decorating of the backyard after the patio, though much of that will probably wait till spring 2017.


Last Sunday Michael was doing some work on the carriage doors that will enclose the bottom of our back stoop (yes, that's never been 100 % finished), so since I was in charge childcare I decided Sebastian and I would have a fun day together.  We first went to Fontanelle Forest where he enjoyed playing in the woods.  He particularly likes picking up rocks and there were so many rocks.  We then went to the Florence Mill to see chickens and ducks and buy some fresh produce at their Farmer's Market.



This morning I read an interesting article on how the Battle of the Somme, which began 100 years ago today, influenced Tolkein's great epic.  I think I'll sit on my porch a while and read some Owen and Sassoon to mark this day.


I intend to spend some time today working on my Creighton philosophy class for this autumn. I am teaching Philosophical Ideas: Foundations of Science for the first time and need to start creating my syllabus and setting up the web portal, all of which I'll be working on the next few weeks.


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