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Robert Asbell

Loved this video! The first half resonated with me a great deal ... the part about Truth. It's what I went to college for ... to learn how to obtain the truth about how thing really are. Unfortunately, the mission statement of the colleges would be more apt to state: Here at university so and so we will teach you how wield a power politics that is best suited to display contempt for the general public. That was my experience ... and I gave the University chance after chance to get it right.

The second half was even better but for different reasons. I disagreed about not being able to put your finger on what was bullshit. I think that is one of the primary responsibilities of the philosopher. Clarify concepts, formalize, and criticize. I would love to see y'all defend your territory. Because of this I disagreed with his statements about climate change. Here's why: I would characterize his position on the climate as coming from the authority of science ... and he took a position of subjugation to science. It FEELS the same as that well established science, Darwinian Evolution. Yet Thomas Nagel has the balls to critique as a philosopher.

So here is my stab:

The perceived lesson of the copernican revolution is that mankind is not special. Mankind has been de-throned as the center of the universe. This residue is all over our culture and informs a sort of ethos of the scientific community. I sense this lurking in the background centered around this issue. Mankind keeps screwing up nature. In addition there is a borrowed virtue of humility that it is more humble to take the progressive view.

Some conclusions to draw from this:

1. I cannot ascertain as of yet wether the consensus is purely data driven and reasoned about correctly ... or if there are sociological factors to explain the consensus.

2. Are there outside political forces influencing. What about those RICO laws being used to prosecute?

3. Just because there is bias or bad reasoning , does not mean that conclusions are not warranted. This is true for studies commissioned by greedy oil companies ... or conclusions adopted by the scientific community that may be steeped in a particular ethos or inadvertently presupposing bad philosophy.

4. Because of these things, I have to say I don't know ... and this does not preclude me from trusting the scientific community for other things. I just don't trust on these two issues

In so-far as the conclusion for global warming is because of illegitimate reasons (even if true) I call bullshit!

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