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Isn't this Nietzschean resentment?

Russell Moore on the Religious Right

Provoked by the 2016 election and widespread Evangelical support for Trump, Russell Moore (who didn't support him) worries that "The people who warned us to avoid moral relativism now tell us that we should compare our choices not to an objective standard but to the alternative, as if an election transcends moral principle."  A crisis exists for the Religious Right and in a very good read, Moore analyzes the situation and proposes his solution--a return to the gospel.

He discusses Catholic theologian Robert P. George who is articulating a vision "grounded in the gifts Catholicism brings to the movement: rigorous philosophy, a complex defense of human dignity, and a connection of the natural law to civil society and the American experiment."  So, how do religious liberals, of whom I've been blogging the last two weeks, articulate something similar with our own rigorous philosophy and rich theology?


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Robert Asbell

So many thoughts ... and questions.
But it's late and no time to write or energy think. But that was a good one. And who the crap is russel Moore? And why is he living in my head?

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