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I'm fascinated by studies in moral psychology, how some of us are temperamentally focused on different core values, which then lead to our political disagreements.  One reason these things fascinate me, is that I don't think I fit the research.  One on-line study I took once revealed me to be very conservative based upon my answers to the psychological questions, which compelled me to celebrate that my rational brain had succeeded in overcoming its basic wiring (a goal of all philosophy since Plato).

Here's a new article, which has some good advice for how political discussions ought to be framed in order to find more common ground.  This is one of my goals, of course. 

I do believe being a Christian minister and from the Heartland gives me a basic moral language that is more traditional.  I am currently working on launching a podcast that I intend to call The Prairie Citizen, which will explore basic moral principles of a good society.  Stay tuned.


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