Civil Society
A Tale of Love and Darkness


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Robert Asbell

Please, Please, go through with the march. And make your demands specific.
Oh, and make protest signs too!! What do we want?__________________!
When do we want it? (insert snarky remark about relativity and time).

Would love to see made explicit what the general public knows intuitively (but can't formulate it ... for various reasons).

I'm getting some popcorn.

Robert Asbell

This one is a beauty.... (from the article mentioned in Scott's post)

That's it in a poetic nutshell. Our job is to understand how things work so we can make things better — so we can make America better. Our job is to do the science that lets Americans stay healthy, lets our prosperity grow and keeps the nation secure. Oh, and it's also our job to blow America's collective mind every now and then with amazing stuff like landing a robot on Mars.

And, really, we just want to do our jobs.


My response: What is the job of the public in response to the job of the scientist? And God I hope they scream this through bull horns!!!!!

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