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Defeating Trump

The Villain

When Trump named Carl Icahn as a chief advisor, I sat at my office desk and wept openly, for Icahn is the villain who laid waste to the economy of my hometown.  Now a new book details how Icahn did the same to Lancaster, Ohio. Here is a review of the book, on Slate.

And the article's conclusion reveals the sad state of affairs in US and the puzzle of many of us who grew up in this era for why our fellow citizens didn't learn the same lessons we did:

When push came to shove, however, 59 percent of Fairfield County voters voted for Trump. Carl Icahn, the billionaire financial buccaneer who opened season on Anchor Hocking, is one of Trump’s key economic advisers, and Stephen Feinberg, founder of Cerberus Capital Management—one of the firms that gutted the company to line its own pockets—is another. Many of the town’s residents, marinating in conservative cable news, remain in deep denial about what caused the decay of the local economy and how bad it’s become. “Their pro-business bias blinded them,” Alexander writes, “to how … Cerberus picked their pockets.” But not quite all of them. When Alexander asks Eric Brown, the head of the Major Crimes Unit, what happened to destroy the “social contract” in Lancaster, the policeman responds, “Corporate America is what happened.” No one can blame him for crying about that.


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