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Citizens Dissent

Citizens Dissent: Security, Morality, and Leadership in an Age of TerrorCitizens Dissent: Security, Morality, and Leadership in an Age of Terror by Wendell Berry
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In the midst of this new year of dissent, I finally read this small 2003 book by the poet and essayist Wendell Berry and the novelist David James Duncan opposing the Iraq War and the moral decay of our nation. As imperative as all of this felt in 2003, it seems quaint now. Yet, I do believe that the immoral decisions of our government and society at that time have contributed to the rise in immorality of the Trump Era. So sad that the Obama's years, which were originally conceived as an age of redemption and healing for the immorality of the Bush years, did not live up to expectations.

I left the Republican party in 2003 over the Iraq War and the reality that the party I had once admired was now governed by Neoconservatives and Christian fundamentalists. In subsequent years they devolved even further and now are governed by a nativist populist who is a moral reprobate.

So, the great worries that many of us expressed in 2003 are now coming to fruition. May God have mercy upon us and save us.

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