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I'm a panexperientialist physicalist, not a panpsychist but similar. Here is a recent philosophical defense of panpsychism in which the author concludes that while it might sound crazy, it is probably also the best explanation.


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Robert Asbell

My default reactionary response to things like pan-psychism is always a validation of Romans 1 where rejection of God results in pan-theism (loosely speaking), We are all part of the universe kind of thing.

But sometimes when I read a folks with such a High Christology that mentions Jesus holding the universe together and even the quarks, and leptons, and electrons, and so forth are subject to his Supremecy and obey his command ... that sort of thing. Well, when I read those things I can't help but think of panpsychism and wonder if those parts of creation are concious to obey the command.

I'm weird I know


None of that sounds weird to me.

Robert Asbell

Ok ... now I have to ask. What is pan experiantialist physicalist?


So, a physicalist believes there's only one type of actuality in the cosmos--physical stuff (as opposed to a dualist or idealist). But a panexperientialist believes that all that physical stuff has some sort of first person experience which in its more complex forms is conscious. Panpsychism is a term that once meant everything has a mind, which I don't believe. Minds emerge from complex physical organisms.

This is what I wrote my dissertation about.

Robert Asbell

Ok ... So if we put things on a continuem we might have something like:

materialism (not very robust ontology)
physicalism (slightly more robust )
the physicalist panexperientialist (even more robust ... taking in relations? processes? I know you are a process kinda guy).

so when the primal stuff becomes complex conscience and intentionality emerge from this?
This sounds like supervenience!

something like that? no?


Not exactly supervenience, which was the view I criticized in the dissertation.

But the rest sounds good.

Yes, this is process philosophy of mind, which is also deeply beholden to James's views on relations.

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