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What the opposition needs

Memorial Weekend in Trump's America

First, an article in The Guardian recounts the hate crimes that occurred over the holiday weekend and ponders if Trump's vile rhetoric has empowered white supremacists in their violence.  An excerpt:

Some said it was hard to separate the weekend’s violence from the rhetoric of Trump who has bragged about sexual assault, joked about attacking his opponents and protesters and made racially prejudiced remarks about Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans, indigenous people and other minorities.

And a column by John McCain's former chief of staff Mark Salter discussing the fight at the baseball game in the larger context of the loss of humility and moral character in our nation, signified again by Trump:

The president whom Schlichter defends for the sake of discomfiting liberals  is the exemplar of a life bereft of a purpose higher than avenging slights, real and imagined. He’s 70 years old, and exhibits the thoughtfulness, impulse control and empathy of a middle-school bully. Trump desperately insists he is great, fantastic, the best – apparently to keep his insecurities at bay. Making his aides offer fulsome tributes to his make-believe gloriousness like they were North Korean newscasters. Blaming subordinates, the media, the “deep state” for the predictable consequences of his own boorish behavior.

Trump is deficient in so many virtues, but the most glaring deficiency is an inability to be humble.  

Humility is the awareness that should shape our ideals, and our engagement with our fellow human beings, the awareness that we have as much dignity as any other person, and not one bit more.

Without it we cannot find satisfaction beyond fleeting pleasure or a feeling more motivating than anger. Whatever our talents and achievements we are merely the sum of our resentments and insecurities. We cannot really love others. We cannot fix ourselves. And the men and women whose sacrifice we are meant to honor on Memorial Day are a rebuke to our wasted life.


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