"They make our country seem disgusting in the eyes of the world."
The Source of Power

A spring morning

It is a fresh, crisp spring morning with just enough coolness in the air, cool that's been missing the last few days, cool that has refreshingly returned.

I brewed some tea and sat on the back patio and listened to Bob Dylan's Nobel lecture for a second time today:


Then, I read some stanzas from Desire Moving Through Maps of Matter by Adonis and encountered this great question:

"How can I convince al-Ghazzali to see his soul with Nietzsche's light?"  


The next line: "I'll remind him: You've been traveling toward the world since its creation but you have not arrived."

The next stanza:

In the cafe
I ignore the noise.
I read Nietzsche and imagine him as a flood--
Yes, I should yield to the flood of meaning
bow like a sunflower, befriend the sun
or surrender to the lilies of desire
that float on the lake of my body
and empty myself to become the child
I had wanted to be in the future.

A worldview of deep history and tradition--a religious, literary, philosophical worldview--frees us from the exigencies of the present moment and all the Trump clap trap.  He is an insignificant nothing, a pathetic little man, in the great sweep of civilization.


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