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The Free Spirit


Want to quote in full this paragraph from Gary Dorrien's The New Abolition.

As far as DuBois could see, the only Americans who practiced way-of-Christ humility and nonviolence were black Americans.  White Americans asserted themselves and took possession, Du Bois observed.  This was understandable as a rebound from European oppression; moreover, he appreciated that white Americans built up a vital, bustling, prosperous nation.  On the other hand, white American self-assertion was "in many of its aspects a dangerous and awful thing.  It hardens and hurts our souls, it contradicts our philanthropy and religion."  Black Americans had a gift to offer in this area.  It was the gift that black folk had long offered to the New World: "Thus, in singular and fine sense, the slave became master, the bond servant became free, and the meek not only inherited the earth, but made that heritage a thing of questing for eternal youth, of fruitful labor, of joy and music, of the free spirit, and of the ministering hand of wide and poignant sympathy with men in their struggle to live and love, which is, after all, the end of being."


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