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Foreign Affairs

A sobering estimate from the Economist regarding Trump's impact on the global order and what other nations must due to weather the storm.  An excerpt:

Mr Trump also needs to be persuaded that alliances are America’s greatest source of power. Its unique network plays as large a role as its economy and its military might in making it the global superpower. Alliances help raise it above its regional rivals—China in East Asia, Russia in eastern Europe, Iran in the Middle East. If Mr Trump truly wants to put America First, his priority should be strengthening ties, not treating allies with contempt.

The Dangerous Order

Columnist Matt Hansen writes in today's Omaha World-Herald that the consensus of national security experts is that the immigration and refugee executive order actually makes the national less safe.

For example:

“This ban gives unprecedented life to the worst jihadist narrative — the idea that the West has declared war on Muslims,” wrote Robert Pape, a leading expert on terrorism, who as director of the University of Chicago’s Project on Security and Threats has analyzed each of the 5,000 suicide terrorist attacks worldwide since 1980. “This narrative is not just talk. It is the principal catalyst for ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups’ ability to carry out attacks that kill Americans.”

Putin's influence

A new essay in the Atlantic discusses Putin's growing geopolitical influence as a defender of Christian civilization and traditional values.  An important read.  And another reason why we Americans must recover the moral langu.age and spiritual practices that gave birth to liberal democracy, which is my priority project at the moment.  Pluralism is deeply wedded to traditional Christian principles, as Amy Kittelstrom demonstrates in The Religion of Democracy, which book only gains in importance it seems.

The End of the American Century?

According to Richard Stengel, former Time editor, the American Century, originally announced by Time's founder Henry Luce, came to an end this week with Trump's America First administration. This is a piece worth your read no matter your ideology.  

For instance, these revealing sentences:

The inaugural address of Donald Trump did not contain the word justice or cooperation or ideals or morals or truth or charity. It has only one reference to freedom. It did mention carnage and crime and tombstones and a variety of words never uttered before in a presidential inaugural.