Garden Feed

How the garden grows

With all the rain, the garden is quickly growing.  The little broccoli isn't so tiny anymore.


And the squash is looking pretty good.


I removed all the rest of the spinach today; it had become a rather large plant, and I'd been meaning to remove it.  I had planned to finally move the cucumbers, but they've gotten too big, so I'll just train the vines.  It was also fun to see a couple of little tomatoes now growing.

But something has eaten off of the eggplant leaves.


Garden Updates

After my morning post, I did go out to visit the garden plot and harvested some kale, spinach, and dill which I put out at church for donations.  It was all purchased. 

The spinach plant has gone crazy.  If it wasn't raining and I had had a bag with me, I would have harvested a bunch more.

The big surprise of the day was the cute little broccoli which I has started growing.  I posted a photo on Facebook and someone asked if it had a name.  What name should we give it?


This evening Michael fixed a kale salad with our dinner, from the kale which I had harvested sometime last week.


Today was another day filled with rain, though not quite as heavy as yesterday.  Everything will be well watered.

I need to do some research into radicchio to see when would be the best time to harvest it.

Yummy Spinach!

Yesterday we finally ate the spinach we had harvested, and it was very yummy.  I made a creamed spinach.  First I wilted it with a little water and salt.  Then I cooked it further in some half and half, butter, and grated fresh parmesan cheese.  The spinach itself had a beautiful green color (it didn't lose that color when cooked) and a rich flavor.


Yesterday it rained buckets and buckets.  Our garden has required little maintenance, as the weather has been so rainy.  I do need to transplant a couple of the cucumber plants, which I keep forgetting today.  Maybe I can do that today if the ground dries out a little bit so it isn't messy.

I may go harvest some kale to put out during the church coffee hour.  We put produce from the garden out and people leave a donation.  The money funds feeding the homeless.

Garden: Second Harvest

It is gorgeous evening in Omaha.  As we drove home from dinner, we enjoyed seeing lots of people out and about in the parks and on the sidewalks.  When we got home, we decided to walk down to our garden plot.  This week I had only peeked at it over the fence.  All the great rain meant I didn't need to water, and there was nothing new to harvest or maintain.

The garden looks great, as you can see from this latest photo (okay, my phone takes fuzzy photos in low light).


The spinach exploded after last week's harvest.  I wasn't sure we'd get more, as it was bolting, but I picked a bunch this evening, and it didn't taste bitter.  We still haven't prepared what we already had, but will need to do that this week.  

I had planned to harvest some of the kale, and did.  This website recommended harvesting before the leaves got too old, as they would get tough, and to begin harvesting when the plant is 8-10 inches tall.  This is our first year to grow kale, so I'm excited to see how it goes.

I also clipped a few chives.

Garden: Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach

I received this much more detailed information from Tim McCollum on Facebook:

That's Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach, a large semi-upright variety that was introduced to the U.S. in the early to mid-1820s. It is the most popular non-hybrid variety used among gardeners. It handles hot weather better than most and is slow bolting - which the plant in the image is doing (i.e. the plant is now focused on putting on a stalk and producing flowers for reproduction, rather than producing foliage). But you and Michael should sow some more, as Bloomsdale can be sown, grown, and picked well into the summer. High in vitamins A, C and the B-complex, its is a prolific producer. Its large crumpled leaves can be cooked as greens and its smaller leaves used fresh in salads. Since you asked. 

Garden: Bolting spinach

So, I posted my mystery plant on Facebook and pretty quickly someone identified it as spinach.  I didn't remember planting spinach seeds, so I had to go look at last year's seed packets, and sure enough, there was some!

Then someone else on Facebook warned me that it was about to bolt.  I had not idea what that meant, but assumed she didn't mean it was going to pick up its roots and run.  So, I googled.  Here's what I learned about growing spinach.  

So, I guess I'd better go pick it today.


Garden: Week Two

I was gone to Minneapolis for a few days this week, but thanks to rain and PJ watering, the garden plot can take the absence.  Today we received a lovely morning rain, and Michael and I stopped by the garden after brunch to see how it is doing.  

The mystery plant, which I think might be mustard greens is growing nicely. Since no one posted on this blog what they thought it was, I've uploaded this more recent photo to Facebook to see if anyone can identify it.  


I think two of the bell peppers are gone, which, so far, is the only thing we've lost.  The questionable squash is looking good.  The cucumbers have grown substantially and now need to be separated, though some of their older leaves are yellowing.  The tomatos are not growing too quickly, but everything else is.  I took some photos of how good the red cabbage and the kale look.  


The onion which came up from seed has its pretty flower now.


Oh, and there is volunteer dill coming up.  I noticed it in other beds and also in the walkways, so I'm guessing that last spring someone's dill went to seed and the seeds blew around the garden.  Not complaining about that!

Garden: Day 9

May 18

Before heading to Macy, Nebraska to plant trees with a crew from church, I watered our garden plot.  Things are looking good.  I think a couple of the bell pepper seedlings are not making it, though.  The squash that was struggling throughout the week had new growth and a new bud, so it looks like it will make it.

This green grew from a seed I planted last fall.  It is looking pretty substantial.  Is it collard or mustard, what do you think?


We got great rain last night here in Omaha.  Should be getting rain today and the next two days as well.

Garden: Day 8

May 17

I dropped by the garden plot earlier today to water, and it was already watered.  So, PJ must be watering for us.  All the plants looked okay.

We might be settling into a boring stretch until we get some serious growth or produce.