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Reality Check

I'm glad that the White House is responding to the outrageous misinformation about the health care debate, but this new Reality Check website is not going to convince anyone who is already caught up in this fear-mongering.  I'm wonder who it targets?  It uses members of the administration who are talking very calmly and rationally and clearly like Obama a lot.  I'm afraid that this site assumes there is a real conversation going on.  It misunderstands the level of hate-filled misinformation and the way race is being used by the health care opponents.

Here's more evidence that they are clueless as to what's really going on out here in the country and that their approach is too timid.

Wedding Weekend Photos

I've begun uploading photos from the wedding weekend.  I've done those from the rehearsal dinner.  I realized when I downloaded from my own camera yesterday that I hadn't taken very many pictures all weekend and few that were good.  These uploaded include some of mine and some of Mona Rae's.  I'll post more later.

LOTS of new photos

I have uploaded many new photos in the Wedding Preparations and Travelling albums to the left.  This last weekend we went to Minnesota to meet Michael's family up there.  The Travelling album only has site-seeing pictures.  The wedding prep album includes those and also all the pictures of the family and getting our invitations mailed.