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The United Church of Christ

I am now a member of the United Church of Christ.

Saturday the North Texas Association of the UCC voted in the Cathedral of Hope. Since CoH-OKC is still a part of CoH-Dallas, we are now members of the UCC. In the spring, CoH-OKC anticipates being voted into the Oklahoma Association. I have not gone through the process of getting my ordination recognized by the UCC and being credentialed as a UCC minister. I don't have to go through that process. I will make that decision at a later time.

Anyway, it is interesting to now be part of a denomination that my family was a member of around 15 generations ago. There are elements of my theology and polity that are not perfect fits with the UCC, but, then, they aren't really perfect fits anywhere. Part of the UCC spirit, however, is to think broadly about who all can be included. So at the same time we are entering the UCC, so is an African-American Pentecostal church in Tulsa. Quite an exciting time to joing the United Church.

So, it is funny to wake up and find oneself a part of a different denomination.


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Welcome to the family, Scott. We are also members of our local UCC church. We were officially made mebers in September. It is the first non-Baptist church I have been a member of. Was CoH affiliated before?

Scott Jones

It was MCC originally, but hadn't been for a few years.


"There are elements of my theology and polity that are not perfect fits with the UCC, but, then, they aren't really perfect fits anywhere."

that is one of the things I see in UCC churches being positive. I always got the sense that their demonation was, as their slogan states, to reject no one. It's proven true in all their affilated churches; most of which don't neccessarily agree with each other.
Ah, the joys of religion.


Welcome to the UCC (as we call it at CTS, "Unitarians Considering Christ" or "Unitarians Clinging to Christ")! My theology doesn't entirely always jibe with the denomination either, but they're the only denomination that doesn't make me hate myself in the morning.

My favorite funny thing about the UCC is that they tend to try to claim all the good things their parent denoms (the congregationalists and the E&R's for those not in the know) as their own. The denomination which next year celebrates its 50th anniversary apparently accomplished the following:

Saving the Liberty Bell? Phyllis Wheatly? Ordaining the first African American minister? The Social Gospel movement? First ordained woman? The Serenity Prayer? Paul Tillich. Check, check, check, check, check and check, and all before we even actually existed ...

In all seriousness, though, it's an o.k. place to be.

Scott Jones

But not a lot of mention of burning witches.

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