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The 700 Club Prayer Line

Yesterday morning I joined in a Facebook campaign to call the 700 Club Prayer Line about Pat Robertson's disgusting remarks about Haiti.

The woman who answered was clearly, to me,  a genuine person of faith and of deep sentiment. 

I told her that I wanted prayer for Pat Robertson because of his disgusting remarks.  I went on to talk about how a real follower of Christ would not say such a thing, about the tens of thousands dead, about the Cathedral collapsing on the archbishop, and a theological point that tragedies like this do not target people for their faith or lack thereof.

She expressed emotion toward me, and though she did not agree with me, she did not argue or try to redirect the conversation.

She then led me in prayer, praying for Haiti and for Pat Robertson to have discernment in his choice of words.  I was impressed.

And when I got off the phone, I realized that I had actually had a surprising spiritual moment on the 700 Club prayer line.  I had called angry and with a genuine concern, and entering into complete prayer with this stranger who could have been put off or on the defensive by my words, had removed my anger and made me feel as if I had done my part, that I was heard, found fellow feeling in another human, and that we had gone together to God in prayer.

I did not expect this result.


This post continues to get lots of traffic.  A Google search reveals it to be the top non-CBN entry.



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please pray for me I am in a life and death situation...... i beg of you pray for me so thath I can have total victory over the situation that Iam confronting at this time nI need a miracle thank you I am a single mother and I am really verrry depressed. thank you


Please pray for our family.We are Christian family that have been going though a lot more than I can take, I know that God say's He will not put on us morer than we can handle.We have two children,that have gone through the loss of their natural parent's through an ugly divorce.My daughter left for a man that is two dangerous for the children.As grandparent's we are keeping the kid's happy and safe and in church.Yet we are struggling to keep our home right now.I can't loose our home.My daughter intetionally burnt their home down in 2006: a horrible situation.The (kid's) and our family need our home.I have been depressesed after my daughter,looseing my Dad,who was my second best friend and the only parent after loosing my Mom to cancer at a young age.This is not about me it's about Love for my family and children.We need prayer and a soulution to our finacial situation,This is all over the world.This is the first time I have ever written for prayer.I am almost physically paralized from stress. I try to help other's alway's and never ask for prayer or physical work for my self.We have all way's been here for our family.I am overwhelmed .Please pray we do not loose our home and that our finance problem's get better.God is number one in our life.May God's favor be with us and all people that make Jesus the Lord of all our life. Thank you Stacy


Please pray our family and friends follow Jesus and that we get our dog back that has been gone for 6 months now. She used to lie against our girl when she was sick and would take naps with her. She is missed very much by our family. We had her for 5 years and she is mostly white with a large tan circle on her back and light tan spots on her ears

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